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Flat Round Ceramic Air stone Discs

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Larger diffuser type flat disc type air stones, these are really superb.

These give an excellent air flow and one placed strategically on the bottom of the pond or tank will work wonders, they are both long lasting and very strong.

120 mm - 4 mm Hose tail
200 mm - 8 mm Hose tail
200 mm - 8 mm Hose tail (Budget Type)

They come in two sizes, the larger model is 200mm diameter and the smaller model is 120mm diameter, these will make a very useful addition to any pond or tank air system, and make a superb present for the Aquatic enthusiast.

Long life flat aeration disc is ideal for use with large ponds and large air pumps.

The 200mm and 120mm Diameter air discs with a large surface area will be ideal for delivering high amounts of oxygen into a pond or quarantine tank, also for agitating Kaldnes (K1) as well.

There is also a 200mm Budget Type available these budget air stones are perfect for hobbyists and pond owners.

Though they will need to be replaced more often than ceramic air stones, they do offer a good solution to providing your pond with much needed air at a cheaper price.

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