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Eco Pond Chip


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Eco Pond Chip Filter Media Koi Pond (50m2 in Net Bag)14 Litres

ECO Pondchip Power your filter:

A high-performance filter medium, which has proven itself for years in municipal and industrial large-scale plants, has been further developed with the help of aquaculture and koi experts and optimized for use in filter systems for koi-swimming and garden ponds.

The material density and a very high porosity of the plastic chips, as well as the shape inspired by a wing ensure optimum flow with contaminated water as well as good turbulence and self-cleaning of the chips in the moving bed filter chamber.



The Eco Pondchip is used for biological purification and detoxification of the pond water in the moving bed process.

After mechanical water purification, final biofilm biofilm filtration with the Eco Pondchip is the optimal solution for detoxification of ammonia / ammonium and nitrite water.

The chips can be used as a single medium up to a volume of 60% of the filter chamber.

As well as a simple and inexpensive solution to existing Moving Bed filter chambers are equipped with other media without filter conversion, only by adding Eco Pondchips in the mining performance significantly increase.


Special features:

The green high-tech chip with a diameter of 20 millimeters has an up to 5 times higher biological settlement area for bacteria with the same volume than all known carriers previously used in moving-bed filter chambers.

1 cubic meter of Eco Pond chips have a surface area of ​​more than 3500 square meters proven by the Bielefeld BINAS Institute.

The Eco Pondchip has an unbeatable price-performance ratio measured on the biological filter surface compared to all other filter media material.

In contrast to municipal and industrial plants, relatively small amounts of filter material are required in the Koi and floating pond filters.

For this reason, the Eco Pondchip only uses a very high-quality pure polyethylene granulate, which is also used in the food packaging sector.

The Eco Pond chip is therefore also harmless from a toxic point of view as no regranulate (recycled material with partly unsafe origin) is used.

Thus, the bacterial cultures on the chips can grow quickly and thus ensure optimum degradation of the filter, crystal clear water and healthy fish.


Dismantling Unfortunately

No serious statement can be made about this much discussed and described topic.

Starting with the used feed, season, water temperature, stocking density, solar radiation, used water additives and of course the quality of the upstream main filter, there are unfortunately a variety of factors which make a serious statement impossible.

If you still want to follow the testimony of many competitors, simply put the statements made in relation to the protected surface of the material against the value of 3500qm per 1000 liters of Eco Pondchip.



Due to the optimized shape of the chips and also significantly less filter medium must be moved, the performance of the aerator pump in the aerobic moving bed process can be significantly reduced.

Reducing the pump output by 40 watts saves up to 100 € per year.


Tips for optimal use

New Eco Pond chips are lighter than water and often stick together easily in the beginning.

Only after a biological film has settled on the chips are the chips in the moving bed filter chamber optimally swirled.

Depending on the degree of contamination of the pond water, the season and the water temperature, this process can take up to 2 weeks.

By adding the gel starter in gel form, this process can be reduced by up to 80% under optimal conditions.

It is best if you distribute the starting gel over a large area on the chips and allow to act for about 30 minutes.

Then pour the chips into the filter chamber or hang the net bag for a few days in the pond to develop the biology and aerate.


Important !

If you use a new filter medium, you should make sure in the first few days that there continues to be undisturbed water transport in the filter and no filter material can enter the pond, which could be swallowed by the fish.

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